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Super cluster na samo 6ly tek sad otkriven

Started by vanillasky, March 23, 2005, 03:27:51 am

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 The Milky Way has several star clusters; collections of stars pulling each other into a tight group. But now astronomers have located a super star cluster, containing hundreds of thousands of stars in a region only 6 light-years across. It's called Westerlund 1, and nobody discovered it before now because it's hidden behind thick clouds of dust. Astronomers used several of European Southern Observatory's infrared telescopes to peer through the dust and see the super cluster's true size.


 da i ja sam se zeznuo citajuci prvi puta..
nije 6ly daleko, vec se proteze u prostoru velicine 6ly..ipak je malo vise udaljen.. ;)
Vidulini Observatory


 gle, vidi stvarno, 6ly across...tako je to kad povrsno citam:)