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Started by vanillasky, October 01, 2005, 12:51:04 am

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Cassini made its first flyby of Saturn's moon Hyperion last week, and took this amazing photograph. The spacecraft got within 500 km (310 miles), and you can clearly see how unusual this spongy-looking moon is. Scientists think that Hyperion is little more than a pile of rubble, loosely held together by its own gravity because much of its mass is just empty space. Hyperion is only 266 kilometers (165 miles) across, has an irregular shape, and spins in a chaotic rotation.


Wow, sjajna slika
lici kao neki koral ili cak i sundjer :)
"The only thing standing between me and total happiness is reality." - Douglas Porter


Toliko je ostra slika da bode oci.
Mora da su je zestoko obradili.
Poput neke SF slike.


Navaznije informacije o Hyperionu mogu se naci ovde