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Firefox i Sh2-188

Started by orion310591, July 26, 2013, 02:45:14 am

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QuoteHave you ever thought, Firefox is so fast, it must be built with alien tech? Probably not, but that's not to say Firefox doesn't come from the stars. The Sharpless 2-188 (Sh2-188) nebula has an uncanny resemblance to the Firefox logo, both the new and the old one.

Sh2-188 is a planetary nebula, the remnants of a dead star, despite its "planetary" designation. It's about 850 light years away from the solar system.

Planetary nebulae are gorgeous in all their forms, but the unusual shape of Sh2-188 - one side is particularly brighter than the other - is thought to be the result of the nebula traveling through the galaxy.

The system plows through space at 125 km/s (450,000 km/h / 279,617 mph). As the gas and dust on one side hits cosmic particles outside of the nebula it gets energized and heats up, generating more light. The bow shock effect also creates turbulence in the gas, visible in the photos.