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Dark Energy Survey

Started by johnny984, September 05, 2013, 07:22:21 am

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31. avgusta počeo je projekat pod nazivom Dark Energy Survey. Pored toga što se možemo nadati da će se na temu tamne energije dobiti bar neki odgovori, sasvim sigurno možemo očekivati neke fenomenalne fotografije sa ovakvim setupom  :)

"The main tool of the survey is the Dark Energy Camera, a 570-megapixel digital camera built at Fermilab in Batavia, Ill., and mounted on the 4-meter Victor M. Blanco telescope at the National Science Foundation's Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in the Andes Mountains in Chile. The camera includes five precisely shaped lenses, the largest nearly a yard across, that together provide sharp images over its entire field of view.

The Dark Energy Camera is the most powerful survey instrument of its kind, able to see light from more than 100,000 galaxies up to 8 billion light years away in each snapshot.

Ceo članak možete pogledati ovde:

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