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Canon EOS Camera v1.2

Started by Luger, April 20, 2014, 01:51:05 am

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Izasao je novi EOS info i podrzava novije Canon DSLR fotoaparate:


Supported Cameras :

Rebel XS   1000D  Kiss F
Rebel XSi  450D   Kiss X2
Rebel T1i  500D   Kiss X3
Rebel T2i  550D   Kiss X4
Rebel T3   1100D  Kiss X50
Rebel T3i  600D   Kiss X5
Rebel T4i  650D   Kiss X6i
Rebel T5i  700D   Kiss X7i
Rebel SL1  100D   Kiss X7
40D   50D  60D    70D 
6D    7D

5D Mark II
5D Mark III
1D Mark IV
1D X

Probao sam, uredno mi je procitao serijski broj, verziju softvera i broj okidanja.

This software is free to use and without any warranty.
Use this program just for supported Cameras!
Use this program at your own risk!

SW 80/600 ED, SW150/750 BD, HEQ5 Pro Synscan,
Canon 550D, Canon 450D full spectrum, Canon 450 Mono, Canon 1000D full spectrum, Canon 1000D Mono.