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Started by wexy, September 14, 2005, 08:29:20 pm

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The Japanese Hayabusa spacecraft has moved approximately 550 km (340 miles) away from Asteroid Itokawa, beginning the journey back to Earth. Unfortunately, it appears that the spacecraft probably failed to pick up a sample from the asteroid. JAXA officials now think that a metal bullet designed to blast material off of Itokawa's surface probably failed to fire. Hayabusa is severely damaged, and will attempt to make the return journey to Earth, but managers aren't optimistic about its chances.


UF! Baš mi žao ove male japanske skalamerije. Rok za povratak su pomerili za 2010. Sve mi se čini da će ostati izgubljena u svemiru. Valjda to neće obeshrabriti Japance od daljih istraživanja.