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Star party - Letenka 2023

Started by Astro_fun_times, July 30, 2023, 08:52:41 pm

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Dear all!

First, sorry for speaking English here ) I'm Sergei, an astrophotographer from Russia living in Belgrade now. I've brought with me my setup of 150mm Newton / Askar FMA180 on HEQ5 mount and now I'm thinking to start shooting in Serbia. Although I wasn't able to join you last time, I will readily participate in your future star parties! Also, I will appreciate your advice on good astro spots under dark skies in Serbia.



Hi and welcome.

Hope to see you on the next star party.

In the mean time, I hope more people will recommend their favorite observing locations.
I can name two popular ones:

45.13632060314173, 19.67787982096786
(that is Letenka mentioned in this thread)

also, around this location:
44.151887418762065, 19.690803997072564

Haven't personally been on a second one, but I've heard that people use as dark location.
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Hello Sergei, welcome to the forum and we hope to see you on one of our next star parties.

Nobody will mind if you speak english or any other language as long as we can understand eachother.

Yeah, Vlaiv has showed you both dark locations we know. I have personaly been to both and "Debelo brdo" location (because coordinates are hard to read :) ) is quite dark (for Serbia).
If you get the chance to go there i highly recommend it but you should also come check out out star party location too as soon as we organize next one.

Have fun and dont be shy to ask anything
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Guys, many thanks welcoming me!

I've read also of Zagajička brda near Deliblato 44.93212285298494, 21.18655885115852

Hope to see you on the next party

ε Aurigae

hi Skholman,

I am from belgrade too - send me DM if you want to catch up some time and to grab beer or two
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Why dont people share google maps location instead of coordinates...

I dont have coordinate map in my head hehe

But yeah, Deliblato is dark, but, someone has said how there are some wild animals, coyotes or so there.
That being said, someone has to take the risk and report back so it may as well be you hehe

Few of us live in or near Novi Sad so closest "dark" location to us is Letenka so we tend to meet there due to covenience, not because its super dark, but its "darkest we have" and its relatively close.

Debelo brdo is quite nice.
Some locations in eastern Serbia also seem promising but i dont think anyone tested eastern Serbia (so it may as well be you? No i am just kidding hehe)

We hope to see you at our next star party (but we have no clue when it will be so keep checking forum for updates on that)
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