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Crvena kiša u Indiji, stigli vanzemaljci :)

Started by wexy, March 06, 2006, 04:38:54 pm

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QuoteThere is a small bottle containing a red fluid on a shelf in Sheffield University's microbiology laboratory. The liquid looks cloudy and uninteresting. Yet, if one group of scientists is correct, the phial contains the first samples of extraterrestrial life isolated by researchers.

Inside the bottle are samples left over from one of the strangest incidents in recent meteorological history. On 25 July, 2001, blood-red rain fell over the Kerala district of western India. And these rain bursts continued for the next two months. All along the coast it rained crimson, turning local people's clothes pink, burning leaves on trees and falling as scarlet sheets at some points.

Izvor vesti i više informacija:


:shock: Stvarno interesantno!!! Ako se jos i potvrdi ta vest eto nama dokaza o vanzemaljskom zivotu na Zemlji, ne moramo da ih trazimo po Marsu!  :wink:
"Covek zivi u konacnom svetu, ali njegova masta ne."


najzad da i oni slete negde a da nije u americi  :grin: